Dedicated Environmental Services Inc. Truck

2013 Cusco Mastervac Wet/Dry Vacuum Truck

Equipped with a 5300 CFM PTO driven blower, this vacuum truck is extremely well suited to a wide variety of wet/dry industrial cleaning tasks. An auxiliary 700 CFM vane pump is used for loading of flammables and straight liquids when the blower is not required. The vane pump also allows for pressurized unloading of liquid cargo. This truck features an 8 diameter boom, remotely controlled, ideal for hydro-excavation and rapid loading of cargo within its 16' reach. Two, 6 loading ports and one 6 discharge port equipped with air-actuated valves on the full-back opening gate allows for a variety of configurations. The dual cyclones and bag houses with 58 filter elements and air cannons allow for efficient operation in dry vacuuming of powders and fine debris. The vacuum truck can be equipped with all sizes of hose ranging from 2-diameter to 6. 8 diameter extensions are available for the boom allowing a vertical reach of 20' from ground level