Dedicated Environmental Services Inc. Confined Space Work


Dedicated Environmental Services Inc. specializes in confined space work. We are equipped and trained to perform confined spaces entry, attending, and rescue in both vertical and horizontal means of access. Our experienced staff comes fully equipped with all the PPE and support equipment required to complete the job as specified and to Ministry of Labour standards. Careful record keeping ensures you have the paper trail required to support due diligence in the matter of confined space work.

Pelsue Adjustable Base Davit Arm with Rescue Winch and 75' of Stainless Steel Cable

The workhorse of the confined space package, the Pelsue Davit arm provides non-entry rescue capability without the encumbrance of a tripod assembly over the access way. Full aircraft-grade aluminum construction ensures low weight and long life. The unit can be rapidly disassembled, making it extremely portable.

MSA Altair X4 Multi-Gas Air Monitors

Only the best. Dedicated Environmental uses MSA equipment for monitoring of air quality before and during any confined space entry. Data is recorded on a confined space permit and atmospheric monitoring log for every job. Our monitors are tested every 24 hours to ensure they are reliable, and to comply with MOL Regulations.

MSA GALAXY Automated Calibration and Test Station

To ensure testing and calibration a correctly performed, Dedicated uses the MSA Galaxy automated test station. This unit saves time and wasted effort, and ensures the instruments are correctly maintained.

ISI Supplied Air Respirator (SABA) and 5 Minute Escape Bottle

For any entry where there is a risk of entanglement or where an entry rescue may be required, we utilize a supplied air breathing apparatus. The entrant or rescuer's respirator is connected to a cart on the surface by flexible air lines. In case of emergency, the respirator can be fed by a compressed air bottle carried on the entrant, providing 5 minutes of emergency air supply. We have chosen this system since it allows for entry into much tighter spaces than a SCBA system with bottles worn on the back of the entrant.

Harnesses, Lifelines, Misc. Entry and Support Equipment

We have all the equipment our employees require to remain safe and efficient on the job. Whatever your needs, we can provide the required equipment.